Celebrate (with donuts!!!)


This weekend was full of celebrations.  First, and most importantly, it was my mama’s birthday!  She looks really amazing for 37 😉  We celebrated by going to an awesome Italian restaurant in Little Italy.  I found out it was just blocks from where my grandma and Nana grew up.  It was super yummy and nice to spend a schmancy (and snowy) night out.

The tail end of my weekend was also cause for celebration.  My family and boyfriend spent our day participating in a Bowl-a-thon for a wonderful cause.  We Grow Dreams, a greenhouse in West Chicago, employs special needs teens and adults giving them a supportive environment in which to work and provide services to the community.  Our close family friend is one of the founders and organized the bowling event.  While it was just fun to spend the day bowling and supporting this great cause, I ended up WINNING something.  There were a number of baskets and grand raffle prizes and I put a few tickets in along with my boyfriend.  Well… I won the grand raffle 3rd prize.  I kind of screamed.  And then I laughed a lot because I never win anything.  So, sometime in the next year I get a free vacation.  Something to look forward to!


I really hope you had something to celebrate this weekend.  I think a celebration calls for some donuts.  Or just anything covered in sprinkles.  I made these donuts for mama’s birthday breakfast and they were divine.  They require a donut pan, but I feel like that is a kitchen necessity so you probably already have one.  If you don’t, they are commonly found in kitchen supply stores for cheap.   I love mine because they allow me to make donuts 4 times a day.  AND since they’re baked, you can eat like 800 of them guilt-free.  #nutricious


Here’s the recipe that I used: http://joythebaker.com/2013/09/brown-butter-baked-doughnuts/

They have a hint of nutmeg and a rich flavor from the brown butter.  Oh, they also took a really short amount of time to make.  Easy, and delicious!