Caramel Shortbreads


I recently took a stand against pumpkin flavored things which many may feel is not only wrong, but Un-American.  If you share this opinion, I gotchu.  It’s not that I dislike pumpkin.  In fact, I quite enjoy it.  BUT, I am a little peeved at pumpkin for thinking it has a place in every dessert, dish, scent, decoration, and children’s costume this time of year.  We can’t all be good at everything, pumpkin.

Would you like to know which Fall flavor know’s its place and excels every time?


Caramel is chewy and buttery and delicious and sweet and rich and I love it.  I love you, caramel.  I love you for sticking to what you do best and making no apologies.  Can you be added to a multitude of desserts, thus improving its richness and flavor?  Yes.  Can you be added to hot holiday drinks to add a depth of warmth and comfort that is unmatched?  Absolutely.  Thank you, caramel, for being the quiet hero of the Fall season and for not feeling the pressure from your friend pumpkin to up the cockiness.  We are all grateful.


If you would like to celebrate the Fall season with me and enjoy my favorite flavor, then make these Caramel Shortbreads.  After learning that bittersweet and unsweetened chocolate were NOT, in fact, the same thing, I omitted the chocolate on most of them and opted to melt some semi-sweet chocolate chips to decorate a few.  I used them as a small going away treat for my best friend who recently moved.



I used this recipe from Style Me Pretty:

Although the caramel is quite rich, the shortbread cuts the sweetness and adds an awesome texture.  I didn’t even miss the chocolate!  These would make a great hostess treat for all of the holiday parties that fill our calendars this time of year.  Just don’t forget to keep a few for yourself!



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