Little Goat Diner

Sometimes the best brunches are the ones you make at home…and then sometimes they are the ones that require no work at all.  Going out for brunch makes me happy.  In fact, I can’t recall having a terrible brunch experience maybe ever.  I think it’s because brunch chose the best time of day to exist.  The morning.  If you are a morning person, then you already love this.  If you despise the morning and would rather bury yourself under the covers and pretend you are invisible, you at least get rewarded with delicious and hearty food to start your day with.  Everyone wins.

This past summer, my main girl squeeze and I went to the Little Goat Diner in Chicago.  I have been trying to get a reservation at the Girl and the Goat for maybe one hundred years, so this was an excellent compromise since it is owned by the same wonderful chef.  The food certainly did not disappoint and I am dying to go back to try their lunch and dinner options.


This is Britton.  She was hiding behind her menu because we could not decide between a million yummy things to eat.


It didn’t take very long to realize we eat least needed a cinnamon roll in front of us to help us decide.


Ooey AND gooey.


We settled on shrimp and grits.  So amazing.


These were the Elvis waffles?  All I know is that there was bacon AND peanut butter AND syrup AND bananas on my waffles.  The world is a good place.

I HIGHLY recommend checking out this restaurant.  We went on a Wednesday morning and were seated immediately.  Once is got closer to lunch time it was packed.  I would imagine that it is packed on a weekend, but I wouldn’t mind waiting for this place.

Little Goat Diner

820 W Randolph St. Chicago, IL


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