A lot of things have come together in my life recently.  Although I worked hard for some of it, as in all situations, there is some inexplicably good karma that helped me too.  I credit a higher power with this and give sincere thanks to who/whatever was in charge.

Something that has been apparent to me over the last few weeks is that much of what I am grateful for has been here the whole time.  It just became overshadowed by worry and frustration.  Realizing this has provided me with some much needed clarity.  We always have something to be grateful for.  During our darkest moments, there is always something.  Maybe it’s a warm bed to come home to after a long day.  Maybe it’s just knowing that your mom is a phone call away ready to listen.  Maybe it’s a large glass of wine. There is always something.

There is always something.

These things don’t always take away the pain, but they can certainly ease it when it hurts the most.  So, let your best friend come over and watch HGTV and eat chips and laugh and then wake up the next morning and work hard toward your goals.  It’s going to come together.  It may just take a couple hundred bags of sour cream and cheddar ruffles before it does.  Don’t try to pretend you don’t know what I mean.  Those chips are everything.

Also, remember to take time to appreciate those who you lean on when things aren’t the greatest.  Have you ever been a pain in the ass to someone who is doing nothing except trying to cheer you up?  I have been the biggest crabby head plenty of times to people who just wanted what was best for me.  Thank those people and love them.  You can be exhausting and they probably don’t like you in those moments and yet they hear you out and give you a hug anyways.

Just be grateful.  There is always something.





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