I find brunch to be a most magical occasion.  There are an endless amount of possibilities for menus and justifications for serving almost anything for the first meal of the day.  Breakfast burgers? Sure.  Breakfast pizza? Why not?  Pastries and casseroles and cocktails and bacon.  Always bacon.

Brunch is the most glamorous of all the meals.  I believe this wholeheartedly.

Last weekend, I co-hosted a brunch with my boyfriend for some of our dear friends.  Ever since we had decided to arrange this get together, I had been daydreaming and nightdreaming and nightmaring about what I should make.  You see, I’m a bit of a planner.  Combine that quality with my food obsession and you get an explosion of research on food blogs, pinterest, and my sacred collection of cookbooks.  Twas all in good fun.  I finally settled on two savory dishes and two sweet pastries.

Our only requirement of our guests was for them to bring themselves and a cocktail to share.  We were delighted with the selection of beverages that arrived:  Beermosas, mimosas, and a sweet tea cocktail with rum.  YUM!

Below are some pictures from the brunch along with links to the recipes that I used.  I didn’t take any pictures of people because my friends are ugly and I am embarrassed of them.

ACTUALLY– I am just a fool and the thought to take pictures of the BEAUTIFUL, amazing people in my life whom I love dearly, never crossed my mind.  I’m the worst.  I assure you that people attended and that fun was had.  (Although my boyfriend and I are not above making a feast of this nature just for the two of us)





Recipes from top to bottom:

Caramelized Onion and Bacon Quiche (I added bacon to the recipe linked here)-

Chorizo and Roasted Red Pepper Strata (I switched up the flavors, but used this recipe for inspiration)-

Pains au chocolat

Lemon Poppyseed Shortcakes-


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