Parson’s Chicken and Fish


A few weeks ago, my best gals and I went to try a new restaurant in the city (Chicago).  Parson’s Chicken and  Fish is its name…can you guess what their specialty is?  You did it!  Fried Chicken and fried fish.  Now, I must warn you that it is certainly a hipster hotspot at the moment and guarantees a long wait to get in.  To put things in perspective, we were told it would be a 45 minute wait to be seated and ended up waiting over an hour for a table and an additional hour before we saw any food.  Needless to say, we were crabby, hungry, and more than a little bit drunk before any greasy goodness touched our lips.  Not the best way to start a meal at a new place.  Luckily, the food rocked our socks off and (along with the booze consumption) cleared up any ill feelings we were having at that point.  Here’s what we ate:


Baccala Cakes (Salted cod) and Shaved vegetable salad


Their famous fried chicken with Texas Toast and coleslaw


Funnel cake with sweet brittle topping and vanilla cream

Parson’s is located at 2952 W. Armitage Chicago, IL 60647.



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