Crab Cakes


Ah, the crab cake.  Arguably my favorite kind of cake.  You know, until last week, I considered the crab cake to be a “restaurant food”.  Restaurant food: The kind of thing you always see on a menu and always order, but never considered making at home.  Well, I just opened Pandora’s Box because I made them at home and they were easy and freakin’ delicious.  They were not, however, easy on my pocketbook.  I guess I need to live on the East Coast and be a seafood glutton.


My boyfriend and I justified our purchase by telling ourselves the following:

We are hungry.  Hungry for crab cakes.  Also, we deserve these crab cakes.  Why? Well, quite frankly we were really good the last time we went to JCrew and resisted buying a lot of things that looked freakin’ amazing on us.

If that’s not a reason, I don’t know what is.  YOU also deserve these crab cakes.  You would love them.  I just know it.  These babies are also versatile as they are equally as delicious in between a whole wheat bun as they are on their own.  I went the low carb route (this is literally SHOCKING news) and ate mine on its own with a side salad.  Now that I’ve provided you with enough temptation… go make these bad boys.  I promise you’ll take them out of the “restaurant food” category and put them straight into your regular meal rotation.

Here’s the recipe I used:




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