Choose a Positive Thought


I came across this phrase painted on a building in Milwaukee a week ago.  Although my initial reaction was, “Oh, how cute,” it quickly was replaced with, “Oh, how important!”

So often we get in a rut where it’s easy to feel negatively about ones job, friendships, relationships, finances, and other major life components.  I do it.  all. the. time.  Pretty soon, these negative thoughts become the norm.  Our minds become clouded with worries and concerns frequently over things that aren’t in our control.  How awesome would it be if we made the choice to think positively about the blessings in  our life?

The powerful word on that building is CHOICE.  We might not be able to change our circumstances, or even make big changes overnight.  We CAN choose to replace the negativity with positivity, hope, and gratitude towards what we do have.  Because it’s a lot.  Let’s start today.


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