Father’s Day

The other day, whilst cleaning out my desk that I’ve had since childhood, I came across an essay that I wrote about my Dad.  Now, I don’t want to brag, but this essay won my family and I tickets to the PGA tour that year.  Sooo…it’s kind of a big deal.  Actually, though, I was so surprised at how simple and straight-forward the essay was because it still captures the reasons I love my dad to this day.  I’ll have you know, I am not as much of a tomboy today as I was when I was growing up, but it is funny to remember how important sports were to my relationship with my dad.  I thought I’d share the essay as a way to say “Happy Day, Pops”.  I still love you as much as I did when I wrote this essay in the 5th grade…lot’s more, actually.

Me and My Dad

I seem to have the best dad in the world.  He is funny, sweet, caring, generous, and always there when I need him.  The reason my dad is generous is because he takes time out of his busy day to coach me in sports, to help me with homework, and to sit down and listen to me play the piano when I need his opinion about a song.  When my dad coaches sports it is nice to know that he is not only there for me but to help all of the people on the team get better at something they really like to do.  My dad isn’t the type of person who is going to make you sit down while he tells you the history of basketball, but he helps you learn and let’s you have a lot of fun at the same time.  I really admire my dad because he is good at sports and plays a lot of sports really well.  He helps me whether I need help with pitching, or if I need to practice doing some lay-ups.  He is always there for me and that is one of the most important things that I like about my dad.  I like spending quality time with my dad as you can see.  These activities include rollerblading, bike riding, going to hockey games, and just playing catch outside and those are just some of the many things I like to do with my dad.  I think a good dad is someone you can trust with your darkest secrets, someone who is there for you when you are sad, someone who shares in your good times, but understands your pain when you are down, and someone who is caring not just for you but to everyone who needs his care as much as you.  A good dad sounds like a best friend and that is exactly right because that is what he is one of my best friends.  


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