Twenty four

Today, I turn 24.

I won’t go into how old that makes me feel because, in the big picture of the world, 24 years old is seriously young and inexperienced and youthful and wonderful.  I am grateful for this past year (however horrible it may have been) because it taught me a great deal about myself.  Rather than reflecting on that, I would like to make a tiny, awesome list of things that I am stoked about for this coming year.  After all, the next time I write a birthday post I will be turning 25…and that is disgusting.  So, here’s to making 24 the best year yet and to new experiences with all of the delicious people and things en mi vida!

Things to do/see/love/eat/make

-Performing in an opera gala/Songs for a New World/other gigs

-Find joy in excercising (Is there joy? I’ve yet to discover it…bring it, year 24)

-Travel abroad with my love

-Move into big girl apartment

-Make amazing 25th birthday memories with my best friends

-Channel Ina Garten on a regular basis (both with my culinary endeavors and gay iconness)

-Save money like grown-ups do. Ugh.

-Totally cherish the last year I have being roomies with my sister before she goes off to college.

-Read more books/finish books from the past year

-Learn as much about politics as I do about the Kardashians. Embarrassing. Just keepin’it real up in hurr.

-Be present in every situation.  No cell phones/Facebook/Pinterest unless I truly have down time for it.

-Visit my grandparents more.  So lucky to still have them around.

-Love the fact that I get to live under the same roof as my parents for another year.  The alternative would be a cozy cardboard box down the street.  Seriously.

-Allow music to not just be my profession, but to truly feed my soul again.

-Spread more love.  All the time. For no reason.  We all need it.

-Freakin’ love the crap out of my body.  It’s the only one I got. Where my mini skirts at?

-Be understanding of the people in my life and their hardships/circumstances.  We don’t know unless we’ve walked in their shoes.  Don’t be too quick to judge.

-Get more manicures.  Man, I feel like a woman when I have pretty nails.

-Don’t be afraid to spend money on opportunities to make memories (trips, nights out, etc)

Phew!  That seems like a lot to have on the agenda, and yet, I think it’s totally necessary to accomplish all of it.

**I feel the need to give a final shout-out to Kenny G (dude plays the smoothest jazz saxophone) and JC Chasez (of NSYNC fame) who are also celebrating birthdays today.  We did it, guys. Feliz cumpleanos.



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